"If art is therapy, if art is to inspire, if art is a weapon, if it is a medicine to heal soul wounds, if it makes one not feel alone in his or her visions, or if it serves as transportation to a higher self, than that is where I aspire to live everyday."---Rudy Gutierrez

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

T is for Typewriter

I am working on an alphabet project and thought I'd give you a sneak peek. Yes that is the same typewriter from an earlier post. That is the benefit of being an artist.


adam taylor said...

Cliff! I am really liking these last few that you have on here! The colors are great, the textures are sweet and they have a cool feel to them!

emily camille said...

i really like this one... you're awesome, cliff... :)

Bregelle Whitworth Davis said...

I like where your work is developing. It fills that you have a similar force driving the both of us. I call it "Neo-Pop Art". Looks great keep up the awesome work.