"If art is therapy, if art is to inspire, if art is a weapon, if it is a medicine to heal soul wounds, if it makes one not feel alone in his or her visions, or if it serves as transportation to a higher self, than that is where I aspire to live everyday."---Rudy Gutierrez

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Monday, July 21, 2008


So here is yet another Gouache painting.  As I'm sure you can tell some of it is digital.  This was my first gouache painting ever and I got a little to opaque in the shawl and it created some nasty textures so I decided to work it out digitally.  Still doesn't look quite right, but there isn't really much more I can do. I was listening to a lot of Death Metal around the time I came up with the concept.  I attempted to make it look not so dark due to the school I attend by applying a triatic color scheme to it.  I can't wait to play more with the concept in the future. So until then enjoy.


Tinklemeyer said...

I really love this one. What medium did you use?

Tinklemeyer said...

I'm not very good with designs for tshirts and things. You should ask Josh if you haven't already. It would look cool with just the head, the cross and the top part of the cape. I think it would still read.